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Nandrolone Powder

Nandrolone Powder Nandrolone Powder

When the bodybuilders aim to increases muscle volume and strength, the nandrolone steroid series will become a very good choice. The Nandrolone series is also one of the most popular steroid hormones.

The main functions of nandrolone are:
1. Recovery after injury
2. Increase muscle volume, enhance strength
3. More training time and greater training intensity as it can help muscles quickly recover from training
4. increase competitive desire

Chemically, the difference between Nandron's powder and the testosterone series is not large. Its alias is 19-nortestosterone, which means that there are fewer carbon atoms in the nineteenth position, although it is only a minor chemical structural change. this change resulted in a new series of steroids. This anabolic androgenic steroid is slightly higher than the testosterone series at anabolic rating but is much lower than androgenic in testosterone, and only accounts for 37% of the testosterone series. This means better results and lower side effects

Nandrolone series has many similarities with other steroids series, but it has two most significant effects, and perhaps other anabolic androgenic steroids have similar functions, but in these two aspects, Nandrolone series is the most prominent. The first point is to increase bone density and increase the mineral content of bones. The second point is the enhancing collagen synthesis. Bone mineral density and the recovery of bone’s joints are vital for athletes and bodybuilders. These two points are the reason why they use the Nandrolone series for many applications.

Since the androgenic rate of the nandrolone series is only 37% of testosterone, the side effects of this steroid very small, it is proven that even women can use this steroid hormone. Although the side effects is not heavy, the side effects still exist, so necessary preventive measures and proper pct are still needed.

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