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Melanotan I (10mg)

Melanotan I (10mg)

Melanotan I (10mg)
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Melanotan I (10mg) Basic Info

RTECS OS1830200
storage temp. −20°C

Melanotan I (10mg) Product Detail

Afamelanotide (melanotan I, CUV1647; brand name Scenesse) is a synthetic peptide and analogue of α-melanocyte stimulating hormone used to prevent skin damage from the sun in people with erythropoietic protoporphyria. As a regulated treatment drug it is administered as an implant that is placed under the skin; the implant lasts for two months.

It is under development for other dermal indications[vague]in several jurisdictions[vague]. It causes skin to turn darker by causing the skin to make more melanin.

It was discovered at University of Arizona and initially developed there as a sunless tanning agent; the Australian company Clinuvel conducted further clinical trials in that and other indications[vague], and brought the drug to market.

Unlicensed and untested powders sold as ""melanotan"" are found on the Internet marketed for tanning and other purposes[vague] leading to multiple regulatory bodies warning consumers that the products may be unsafe, ineffective and fraudulent.

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